Types of Interviews and How to Prepare
Having established that the interview is an integral part of a successful job application, we prepared a series of things to look out for. This will allow you to thoroughly prepare for the interview giving you the confidence to succeed.

The Key to a Relaxed Job Interview
Make a great impression with your potential employer, stay cool calm and collected.

Getting Ahead at an Interview
A brilliant CV and cover letter create employment opportunities, but they will not secure you a job. The interview is your chance to back up in person everything that the employer has read about you.

Confidence at the Interview
Self-confidence is rooted in experience, knowledge and practice. Could you do with an extra boost of confidence when you walk into that interview? If you could, you would not be alone. Ideals imposed on you by yourself, the media, your company, your boss, work colleagues and even your family can make you feel that you have something to live up to.

Always be on time
Never be late for an interview. This is not a good reflection of the kind of employee a company would want to employ. Be on time or even early!