Multimedia visual artist Trevor Stuurman and media personality Nomalanga Shozi are the faces of G-Star Raw’s South African SS19 brand campaign.

The campaign, launched on 15 April, has been designed to reflect the concepts of individuality and innovation, and to speak to “the outspoken, the confident, and the ones who don’t just follow pre-established rules”. Both advocates for individuality and champions for South African culture and heritage, Stuurman and Shozi were chosen because they were seen to embody this messaging. 

The global denim brand has been shaping the fashion industry for 30 years with innovations like its ‘3D Denim’ and a commitment to craftsmanship and premium products. “We know who we are, and we own it. That’s the essence of why we believe this campaign will resonate with like-minded South Africans,” says Alastair Davies, general manager, southern hemisphere at G-Star Raw.

Here, Stuurman and Shozi reflect on their work with G-Star Raw and what the campaign message means to them.

How do you choose the brands you associate and collaborate with?

Stuurman: I’m a firm believer in aligned energy and creative chemistry. We need to share similar values and have mutual respect for one another. I see collaboration as co-pilots where we both elevate one another, and no one sees anyone as a passenger. 

Shozi: I make decisions about who I collaborate with the same way as I choose my friends. I try to question the character of the brand and identify points of its character that resonate with me and my vision. My familiarity to the brand is as important to me; if the brand is one that I interact with regularly- either personally or through family and friends, I would be more inclined to collaborate

What made you want to be a part of this campaign?

Stuurman: The campaign to me is a celebration of our ongoing partnership. 

Shozi: G-Star Raw has always been an advocate for self-love, and has often encouraged me to be more confident in who I am. This campaign is particularly special, capturing the liberty it brings to truly be yourself and celebrating everything that makes you, you. If anything, I would like to be remembered for my expressive nature and confident spirit. Claiming my space and owning it is something I want to master, so why not be a part of something that encourages people to be their greater selves? Also, the opportunity to be a part of the dynamic G-Star Raw legacy is quite epic.

G-Star has always stood for sustainability – is that something you look for when making decisions about what you wear?

Stuurman: It is very important that we re-wire our thinking to being more sustainable and more considerate to our beloved planet.

Shozi: 1000%! I’ve always thought it important for us as a young generation to make more socially and environmentally conscious decisions when consuming craft of any degree. Thoughtfulness and intent are very important to me, so when it comes to what I wear, it should be reflected. 

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Our campaign line is “It’s You, Own It”. What does ‘owning it’ mean to you?

Stuurman: It’s a license to freedom to be completely yourself without having to think of anyone or anyone societal norms or conformity. It’s basically owning your existence without any permission. 

Shozi: It means not playing by anyone’s rules but your own, and really staying true to yourself even when challenged. Being real, authentic, honest, accountable and true; but also, being unapologetically confident in pursuing one’s ambitions.

What do you like most about denim? How does it make you feel when wearing it?

Stuurman: Denim is a democratic fabric; fabric of the people. It always makes me feel liberated in a very special way.

Shozi: Denim is such a versatile material and a staple in my wardrobe. I can wear it in any situation, and it carries my energy. I judge a quality denim by its fit and durability, a pair of well-fitting jeans can really boost your confidence and make you feel good.

What type of clothes make you feel confident?

Stuurman: Bold clothes that make me stand taller and ensure I stick out in a crowd.

Shozi: It’s important that the clothing I wear expresses my character and fairly represents my values and personality. I enjoy good quality, durable clothing- often embellished with detail or distinct craft.

What encouraging message would you give to your younger self?

Stuurman: To never stop trusting the process and to continue believing in the philosophy of time, seed and heart.

Shozi: You’re a star, young flame. The sooner you believe it, the better!

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