French luxury fashion brand Chanel has initiated a ban on the use of exotic animal skins in all future designs. The skins in question include crocodile, lizard, snake and stingray, as well as fur, of which Chanel uses little.
Chanel halts use of fur and exotic animal skins

©Grosescu Alberto via 123RF

In a statement to WWD, Chanel president Bruno Pavlovsky explained that it was becoming increasingly difficult to source skins that met the house’s quality and ethical standards.

Instead, the privately held company plans to focus research and development on “a new generation of high-end products” generated by “agri-food” industries. “The future of high-end products will come from the know-how of what our atelier is able to do,” said Pavlovsky.

The executive told WWD that it would take some time for existing products in exotic skins to work their way out of its boutique distribution.

Papermag‘s Matt Moen weighed in stating that switching to fur and animal skin alternatives can have a positive impact on Chanel’s carbon footprint.

“It’s fiscally prudent as well given that the prices of animal products are subject to scarcity and tariffs, opting for a synthetic alternative can in the long run prove to be a more stable source,” Moen said.

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