Humans consume approximately 80-billion pieces of clothing annually, according to the documentary The True Cost. With a quick-throwaway culture defining the fast fashion era, investing in quality, handcrafted goods that are designed to last is one way consumers can shop more sustainably.
Kat van Duinen

Kat van Duinen

“Buy less, but spend more on quality,” is a mantra that local luxury fashion designer Kat van Duinen subscribes to; and it’s one worth taking to heart.

Speaking at the ATF Trade Expo held in Cape Town last week, van Duinen explained that she opted for high-end manufacturing for her collection of luxury leather accessories because it’s important to her that products withstand the test of time.

“Buying cheaper garments where shortcuts are taken… it’s not going to last. You’ll purchase again and again and those products simply go to landfill,” she says.

“Sustainability is not about creating something for the season. We believe it’s more sustainable to produce pieces that can be passed down through generations.



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